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I have just discovered Ooooby. Ooooby stands for Out Of Our Own Back Yards and it is an on-line gardening club for people who enjoy growing their own food – like Facebook for gardeners. There are a number of different forums: poultry, tricks and tips, food growing questions, seasonal recipes . . . . .You can invite friends (like Facebook) and join local groups. The idea is to see who else is in your local area with the possibility of selling or bartering surplus garden produce.  I have joined my local group – there are 4 other members.  There is also a blog and members can post photos, videos etc.

I can see this becoming another must-visit site!


For last week’s Storytellers’ group I volunteered to search out all the resources in Tauranga Library and tell people about them. I also threw in some useful web resources. This is what I came up with:



book 1
Keepers of the story : oral traditions in religionby Megan McKenna
Megan McKenna is a storyteller with a PhD in theology. She looks at the place of story in religion and illustrates this with reference to many stories form different religious faiths.

Mythology : The illustrated anthology of world myth and storytelling
Contains many stories from all over the world.

book 4Brave tales : developing literacy through storytelling by Will Coleman
This book is written for teachers to help them develop their pupils’ story writing by way of telling traditional tales. However it has information that is applicable to storytelling in any arena including a method of learning stories and of adapting traditional tales. Contains a CD of the author telling a story.

The art of storytelling for teachers and pupils : using stories to develop literacy in primary classroomsby Elizabeth Grudgeon
Although an interesting read this book has less to offer the non-teacher storyteller than the one by Will Coleman

book 6Storytelling with dolls by Elinor Pearce Bailey
A fascinating book about telling the story of Jack in the Beanstalk using ‘dolls’. Two doll-makers with their own unique take on the story, each make a set of props to tell the story. Instructions are provided for the props and tips on storytelling with props.


The power of the story : touching the lives of listeners by Rob Harley
Written from a Christian point of view, this book is about using stories to inspire and change lives. Not much practical information on storytelling

book7Anyone can tell a story : Bob Hartman’s guide to storytelling by Bob Hartman
A good practical guide to storytelling.  Contains a selection of stories, some biblical, many not.


book 5

Storytelling with children by Nancy Mellon
This book is written for parents who want to tell stories to their children but contains a wealth of ideas and techniques that would be universally applicable.



Handbook of the NZ Guild of Storytellers, Nga Kaikorero Purakau o Aotearoa (Inc)by Annette Knowler
The first half of this booklet contains information about the New Zealand Guild of Storytellers but the second half has useful information for storytellers.

book 3Shake-it-up tales!: stories to sing, dance, drum, and act out by Margaret Read MacDonald
A selection of stories that include audience participation.



The story-telbook 2ler’s start-up book : finding, learning, performing, and using folktales by Margaret Read MacDonald
A comprehensive book covering how to find stories, how to learn stories, how to perform stories, how to structure a storytelling session and using storytelling in the classroom. It includes 12 stories and each chapter has a bibliography of useful books and articles.


Websites– The New Zealand Guild of Storytellers website. Online copies of the magazine, tips for tellers, story of the month.– Articles on storytelling, podcasts of storytellers and stories. – An archive of stories arranged by category – A good article on how to become a storyteller – Interesting articles about storytelling from magazines and newspapers – A directory of useful storytelling websites

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