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vanillaI used to think I didn’t like vanilla, but then I discovered vanilla pods. They smell divine and taste so much better than vanilla essence. But they are quite expensive. I would buy them one at a time and put them in a sugar container to make vanilla sugar. If I came across a recipe that involved simmering a pod in liquid I would pull the pod out of the sugar and use it, then dry it and return it to the tin. Not any more! Thanks to my Foodlover friends I have discovered a source of delicious plump vanilla pods at a much more reasonable price. And they are organic – an added bonus. I ordered some ‘seconds’ and was delighted with what arrived. Despite being in a sealed plastic bag I could smell them as soon as I opened the parcel. I added one to my container of vanilla sugar and put another 2 into a small bottle with some vodka to make some essence. The rest are waiting in the pantry for the right recipe to pop up and whenever I open the pantry door I can smell them.

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