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Baby seedlings of purslane, fennel, pak choi & mustard lettuce


Potted seedling ready to plant

I like to grow my vegetable plants from seeds – it is cheaper and the range of varieties is much greater. Also, if you are organised, you can have plants ready when you want them rather than when the garden centre thinks you might. Unfortunately, since starting work a year ago, I haven’t been sowing seeds as diligently as in the past and have had to buy a lot more seedlings than in other years. I decided to turn over a new leaf this year and make more of an effort to keep up with the sowing and subsequent transplanting. In order to help me with this I have set up a spreadsheet with the months of the year across the top and the vegetable names down the side. I then put an ‘X’ in the appropriate squares to indicate the sowing times for various vegetables.


Master sowing calendar

While I was compiling this table, I did a search to find the right sowing time for celeriac (something I have never grown successfully) and found a great New Zealand website with most of the information I needed. You can even sign up for email reminders of what to plant. Once I had my main spreadsheet, I copied the relevant information for each month to a separate spreadsheet and added rows for: variety, seed source, sowing date, germination date, time till germination, pricking out date, transplanting date and harvest start and finish dates. Hopefully this will be a useful resource in future years.

Sowing calendar for February

Sowing calendar for February

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