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The theme for my 10 yr-old’s party was science. I got white shirts from second hand shops to wear as lab coats and we did lots of science experiments. Most of them were from the Funology website. To eat we had:

Test tubes – frankfurters cut in half


Cells – individual pizzas made from muffins with slices of salami for the nucleus and slices of bierstick for the mitochondria and ribosomes



Beakers and stirring rods – mini quiches with straight pretzels


Atoms and Molecules Fruit Salad – grapes, cherries, watermelon balls, rockmelon balls


Then we made some Ziplock bag Ice cream. Instead of 1/2 cup milk we used 1/4 cup milk and 1/4 cup cream. We put the mixture in a sandwich-sized ziploc and then put it in an A4-sized ziplock with the salt and ice. Lastly we had a treasure hunt. With each clue they also found an item for cake decorating – icing, sprinkles, chocolate hail, white chocolate raisins, chachous. At the final station they found some cupcakes and their challenge was to use the things they had found to construct a 2D model of the solar system.


Finally we had a Neon Atom cake with candles that refused to stay out .

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