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009We have 5 apple trees that I planted when my sons were young and consuming mountains of fruit each week. Now that the trees are finally in full production we only have 2 sons at home and one of them doesn’t like fruit. The five varieties we have are Granny Smith, Braeburn, Splendour, Akane and Lobo. The Granny Smith tree always has a large crop but they are invariable inflicted with black spot. The Braeburn never crops well and the apples it does have are very small and manky. The Spendour produces well with not too many disease problems and the Akane and Lobo groan with healthy fruit.

Lobo is primarily a cooking apple and I have been using the windfalls for a while and have also made some Walter the Saint’s Speedy Cider. The first batch is maturing and there are more apples in the freezer for another batch. The possums have been eating their share too! I finally got a pole for my apple picker (The red wire thing in the picture) and decided it was time to strip the Lobo. After I had filled 3 crates, I had run out of crates but not apples. The picker was great. Usually I have to muck around finding somewhere level to put the ladder and then it needs to be moved whereas now I can pick them all standing on the ground.¬†

We have been eating the Akane for about 6 weeks and I took a bucketful to church last week for Harvest Festival. They are getting to be past their best now so I thought I would juice the rest, expecting there would only be a bucketful left. In the end I picked 3 bucketfuls. When I juiced the first bucket I was surprised to see that the juice was red.


I poured the juice into small plastic bottles to freeze for future use. I think I will dry the rest of the Akane. The Lobo will be turned into apple puree, apple butter, cider vinegar and bottled apple.

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