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Things have been a bit quiet here because I was busy working on a Polytechnic assignment but that is done now so I thought I would share the photo of my galangal flower.

Galangal flower

I have never used galangal in my cooking  but I like South East Asian food so when I saw the  tubers advertised on TradeMe I decided to give it a go. I planted the tuber in a pot in a mixture of sand and potting mix and it duly grew. I also tried planting a ginger tuber I got from a fruit and vege shop but that didn’t do very well.

I certainly wasn’t expecting flowers. They are beautiful, orchid-like flowers with a delicious scent. It is worth growing for this alone but, when the leaves die down, I will dig up the tubers and give them a go. They are supposed to taste like ginger but more lemony. Perhaps I will try Tom Yum Goong. We had some delicious sour fish soups in Cambodia – this may be very similar.

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