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Despite all the other members of my household having had at least 2 colds each this year, so far I have managed to avoid one. A couple of  times I have felt one waiting to pounce but my usual preventive strategy of dosing up on garlic/vitamin C/Echinacea/zinc, soaking in a hot bath then heading to bed  nice and early, has stopped the bugs in their tracks. Until yesterday. I couldn’t do the bath thing because I had a rehearsal, so instead, when I got home,  I went to bed with a hot water bottle and some ginger tea but I could tell this morning that I was fighting a losing battle. So far it’s fairly mild but I definitely have my first cold for 2009.

I didn’t feel much like eating, so had a smoothie for breakfast and made myself some garlic soup for lunch. This is great when you have a cold as it is light,  tasty and full of cold fighting ingredients (chicken stock, garlic and chilli). It is also super easy to make.

Garlic Soup for One

1 1/2 c stock or water (I used some turkey stock I had in the fridge)
4 cloves garlic, peeled but not crushed
1/4 tsp salt
pepper and chilli powder to taste
1 egg
a slice or 2 of French bread

Add the garlic to the stock or water along with the seasoning and simmer 20 minutes.
Stir the stock in a clockwise direction, then crack in the egg. Poach according to your preference as to the hardness of the yolk.
Put a slice or 2 of French bread (or whatever bread you have) into a bowl and pour the stock and egg over.

garlic soup

I didn’t get round to photographing my soup so went looking for a photo on the Internet. In the process of finding the one above I discovered that this recipe (more or less) is actually a Julia Child one. For her version (via Julie Powell) check out this blog.

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