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bookClick is a book with a difference – ten well-known authors collaborated to write a book with proceeds going to Amnesty International. I picked it up to look at when things were quiet on the desk when I was working in the children’s section of the library. I enjoyed the first chapter, so took it home so I could finish it.

In the first chapter we meet Maggie (and Jason) whose grandfather, Gee, has just died. Gee was a famous photographer (hence the title “Click”) and he left his grandchildren a present each. Jason’s present is a collection of photos whilst Maggie’s is a both a present and a puzzle. It consists of a wooden box with 7 smaller boxes inside, each of which contains a shell. The second chapter tells the story of how Gee was given one of the shells so I expected the rest of the book to be the stories behind the other shells. I was wrong. Instead we learn more about Jason and then meet up with Maggie again when she is older. The story takes various directions depending on the author of a particular chapter and some were more successful than others. Although I enjoyed the first half of the book, I found the later chapters less satisfactory and at the end I still wanted to know the stories of the other shells. This is more like a collection of related short stories than 10 chapters that make up a whole story and I wonder how much collaboration there was between the different authors.

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